Love for the historical background

To understand and read a territory means to imagine how our ancestors used to live and what they used to do in the same places that we cultivate and frequent nowadays. The history of the Valle di Ledro, although isolated and suspended between Lake Garda in the East and Lake Idro in the West, dates back to the Middle Stone Age. The mountains, and specially the most comfortable passes provided with water, were seasonally visited probably by hunters and shepherds. We have the evidence of manufactured flint tools in the area of Tremalzo (1770 m. above the sea level. Nevertheless it is the pile dwelling site, a Unesco world heritage, that was discovered on the Lake Ledro shore that can tell us so much about the living of our ancestors during the bronze Age because of the truly rich variety of objects and materials found. For many centuries, roughly between the 22nd and the 13th centuries b.C, a human enterprising community lived on the lake’s shore in stilt houses performing many activities, farming and also commercial exchange in form of barter. There were not so many suitable fertile grounds, but farming was one of the most important activities. Among the many interesting archaeological finds we also have vine seeds. And growing mountain suitable grape sorts is now the mission of our farming activity. The Pile Dwelling Museum on Lake Ledro is for sure worth a visit. May-be you can also join a guided visit or activity. Go to the web site

A fascinating journey into the past
The shaman hut, a symbol of Lake Ledro
Love for the historical background

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